Trump is all-in. We must be too.

11 May

Make no mistake, Trump is balancing on the edge of disaster. Clearly he and his close clique of campaigners; Bannon, Sessions, Manafort, Kushner, Stone and others are linked and compromised by Vladimir Putin and his agents.

Trump had to sacrifice Reps Nunes and Chaffetz in successful efforts to shutdown and derail the House Intelligence Committee investigation. But Comey apparently did not get the memo. He kept going with the investigation and when he asked Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department for more resources to conduct the investigation Comey had to go.

With the surprising firing of Comey, Trump is essentially challenging the non-Teaparty Republicans in the Senate, like McCain, Graham, Collins and others to ally with the Dems and Independents in support of an independent or special prosecutor.

This is a bold, and potentially dangerous play for Trump.

It presents a dangerous challenge to the progressive community, and to democracy.

If you are a gambler, and I am, you recognize this play immediately. Trump is a smart player, but he is facing a big loss if the investigation succeeds. Maybe losing everything. So far, however, he has a pretty good hand ( with Pence, he controls Congress with the help of the Teaparty and the evangelicals), the Executive Branch with the ability to fire and appoint, with nearly half of public opinion, and a big stack of chips (favors, jobs, and threats) on the table.

Trump knows that the hole cards in front of him (unseen by us) are weak. Folding is not an option. A win by us would be big, and could eventually put Trump out of the game.

So the bold move, the move of a seasoned gambler is to go “all-in.” That’s right. All-in. The firing of FBI Director Comey was an all-in play.

That play poses a big challenge to the other side. To us.

Do we go all-in as well, or do we sit back and let him win this one?

In a game of poker like Texas Hold ‘Em, a loss for us might be the start of a bigger loss of all that we have. Trump would gain the immediate prize (escape from the exposure of his Russian compromise), confidence, and more chips (power) to throw at us.

So Trump’s move is classic, it fits him. He is a grifter, a person who tries to bluff, fool and bluster other people out of their money. That’s his style. Of course he would go all-in.

We have only one move. We must go all-in as well and challenge Trump. As in poker, there may be other hands after this. But the winner of this one hand gains a lot. Winning this insures a stronger upper hand. Beating Trump on this serious issue, however, undermines the foundation of his power.

The Trump -Russia investigation strikes at the core of his shaky and immoral administration. Until it is resolved Trump can never achieve a stable, “normal”  government. Quite possibly it could end with Trump’s resignation or impeachment.  It could certainly make a victory over the Teaparty in Congress more possible in 2018.

Already, 21 Indivisible resistance groups in Michigan have united on a statewide letter to the Republicans demanding an independent investigation. This is a powerful move that brings together a huge number of grass roots, neighborhood and Congressionally based  progressive groups. It is the first statewide action since the historic surge of resistance that powered the Women’s’ March in January, just four months ago. Its significance cannot be underestimated. This type of locally powered resistance that grows and reaches out to call for action is how national resistance is built and sustained, and revolutions get started.

Trump is all-in.

We must be too.


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